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Allow us to introduce our Ethical Email Marketing Service.


What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing encourages companies to send unwanted junk mail to unsolicited normally bought in email addresses. This is a pure numbers game which has limited success apart from increasing the amount of unwanted annoying emails that circulate the internet. Whereas ETHICAL EMAIL MARKETING does not use or encourage the use of bought in email address lists.


2 Digital are pleased to introduce their Ethical Email Marketing Campaigns, dedicated to providing you with a hassle free, cost effective and measurable means of communication with your subscribed contacts.


What can you use Ethical Email Marketing for?

Email communication is an effective tool to deliver your organisation’s message instantly; for example, a monthly newsletter, your latest offers or even your change of business address and much much more. Your email you can include images(photographs, logos), text and links which your contacts can click on taking them to straight to a specific part of your website or to an article you have written, the choice is yours.


How is it Ethical?

We use your contact list, therefore ensuring the only people who read your message are those that actually want to hear what you have to say. Your contacts, your message!   Now following GDPR.


Before your message is sent out we will spam test it to ensure that it ends up in their inbox rather than their junk mail folder. This is also a green alternative to producing costly direct postal campaigns, therefore helping to reduce your companies carbon footprint.


How does it work and how is it hassle free?

You send us your contact list, your images, your text, your attachments and we do the rest, the only thing you will have to do is approve your final template and tell us the date and even the time that you would like your Ethical Email Marketing campaign sent out.


What's the catch?

There isn’t one. 2 Digital will create your tailor made Ethical Email Marketing campaign using your contact list and then providing you with a detailed campaign report.


What happens after your campaign?

Your account manager will contact you via email sending you a campaign report. You will also receive a phone call to discuss the various points contained within the report. This information is vital for any business looking for a detailed and constructive information about how successful their campaign was. The type of information you will receive includes:


- How many people have unsubscribed, if any

- How many emails did not make it to the recipients box (wrong email address)

- How many emails were successfully delivered

- How many times that recipient viewed the email

- If the email was forwarded on to a friend or colleague

- Which links on the campaign were clicked on

- Which page on your website was visited from this campaign

- If directing to an e-commerce website what was the total value of the spend of the customers due to the clicking of the link.

- You are able to compare reports from previous campaigns

- An integration with the report from google analytics

- A Report showing geographical area data

- We can even tell you what method your customer is using to view your email, ie Outlook, Lotus Notes or even an iPhone.


Plus much more.....




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