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.... know if your web site is working for you?

Do you have a website just so you can tick the box of "company must have" or does the site actually work for you and your organisation? Your site is a valuable business tool, and therefore you should be seeing a return on your investment.


...know how many people are coming to your web site?

We can install your a stat counter on your site that will give you loads of information relating to your web site "traffic" including, how many visitors you have had, where in the world these visitors are based, how they found you etc...


....update your own site?

If updating your own site is important, we can advise on the most economic way of doing this - with no technical knowledge required!


....own your own domain name?

Even though you pay annually for your domain name this does not mean that you own it. A large number of domain names are actually registered to the web site design company - which could ultimately cause you and your business to lose your site

and your emails. This is a really important issue, so yo must check.


....comply with the Companies House Act 2006?

As of January 2007, the issues highlighted in the new Companies House Act 2006 should have been implemented. Do you know if your web site and emails are conforming to this new piece of legislation?


... want to start an ETHICAL email marketing campaign?

Our new ethical email marketing campaign is now launched and up and running, for a first class service for less than the price of a 2nd class stamp.


ETHICAL EMAIL MARKETING does not use or encourage the use of bought in email address more... and follows the GDPR rules and regulations.


... want to know how to use Social Media to your best advantage

We are members of a local Social Media Business Networking group called 24/7 in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire


Breakfast Networking and social media training group

bi weekly meetings

Stratton House, Biggleswade


Our Services include:

Web Site Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Web Site Appraisals

Domain Name Registration

Web & e-mail Hosting

Broadband provision & installation

Junk Email (SPAM) filtering

New Service Ethical Email Marketing


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